’s Reliable Review

EssayRoo is an online academic writing service provider and keeping out the clutter we provide a balanced review. They clearly state their expertise in this specific line of writing. When you get to the main page of their website, they list down the exact categories of the essays that you can as for. For each of the academic level starting from the secondary school level, the specific type of sub essays that are available for each are also listed down.


From the front page’s casual artwork some people might think that the company is not very serious about the business. However, that is not the case. That artwork is designed keeping in mind the target audience that the website is catering to. There is not much history available but what little information is available it gives an overall positive reputation to the site.

Services and Guarantees

The best services that can provide are in the academic section, be it secondary school assignments or graduate school thesis. An additional category of academic writing service that they are capable of includes personal statements and related content for your admission and various proposal submission categories. If this is the sort of content is what you are looking for then you have reached the right place. Their guarantee is reliable because they have clearly listed their services on their homepage.

Prices and Discounts

The prices are very clearly stated on the website. Each specific article’s price depends on the specifications that you will be asking for. The multiple considerations that will be taken into account at the time of determining the price of the article will include, the number of pages, the number of days and what type of academic writing is needed. There are three categories of discounts starting at 5%, then 10% and the highest discount is at 15%. All of these discounts start after specific page numbers that you have asked for. If the number of pages is not more than the ones from where the discount rate starts then you won’t qualify for it.

Quality of Services

The website’s quality of service can be judged from the testimonials that are provided. From their review, it can be seen that the overall service is quite satisfactory. You will get your academic writing done at a decent rate and the quality is going to ensure that you submit work that is worth a top set grade. To make sure you get the paper you want, you can ask the service to provide you with samples of a particular writer. It will give you an opportunity to evaluate his/her skills and decide whether the quality is satisfactory. Additionally, the company provides limitless amendments. It means that you can ask your writer to make changes and rewrite some of the parts of the paper if you are not happy with them. People have different perspectives and can disagree on what is good or bad. This option makes it possible for a client to get exactly what she needs.

Customer Service

Their customer service is good. A key starting point is that their website is extremely user-friendly. Creating an account is quite easy, just like creating an account on any of the social media accounts. Once the account has been set up, getting your rates for each specific academic essay and placing an order is quite easy as well. At each level of placing an order, you know the sort of information that you need to share with the website that will enable them to provide you with your required essay. Another feature that is a plus is that the essays are not mass produced. Mass produced essays don’t get top grades as the graders can pick on the similarities, so what you are looking for is the customized content. The website ensures that the customized content is developed for you that is truly unique and not copy pasted from some mass produced pre-written content.

Additional Features

The highlight of the review is the few additional features that are unique from the other similar service provider websites. To start off, there is a list of writers that you can see on their website. The list profiles the writers and shows the number of orders a specific writer has completed and the rating that has been received for the work. Then there is a section of samples that will help you see the sort of work that is usually generated and how it matches your demand. One of the unique features is the blog that the site manages. This blog has posts that give you tips on how to write on various subjects and what are best angles to cover an assignment. For those who want to develop their own skills, this section proves to be a great help that is accessible for free.