In-depth Review

Visiting the website of gives you an instant clutter less feeling. Clutter is the only feeling one has when you are not able to untangle the words of your essay from the key ideas that are swimming in your grey matter. Reaching this service provider instantly soothes your mind. The basic design and easy to use interface is all that one needs to calm down and start sharing the things that are needed to get the work done and get your final essay submitted in time. Searching for review online is mostly going to land you on reviews that range from good to very good. review


The reputation of this service provider of essays in the country is quite positive. This can be judged not only from the reviews that are available on the website itself but the external research history of review also goes in its favor. The happy customers range across all the various kinds of categories for which they provide essays.

Services and Guarantees

Their services and their guarantees are quite evident from the fact that the minute you get on the website, there is a 24/7 online customer service chat box that opens up and you are addressed by the specific customer number that they have assigned you as per their log. Unlike in many of such similar services, if you fail to respond within a set amount of time, the chat box disappears or the customer service is shown as busy or offline. However, that is not the case here. You can take your time and search the website to see what sort of question you would be interested in actually and the chat box will be there waiting for you quite patiently. This in itself is a high-level guarantee of the service that can be expected from this website.

Prices and Discounts

The rates that are being charged by this website are one of the lowest in the market, that is $18 per page. This amount does not include any of the discount options that are available and are applied on the basis of the number of pages that you require as part of your essay. This dollar amount includes the research that is needed to generate a customized essay that is not plagiarized in any form and gets you the results that you aim for. Weight the dollar amount against the time you save and you will see that this is indeed quite a low price that you are getting.

Quality of Services

When one gets an essay done from an external source, quality is something that is what one is after and this is the one feature on which there is no compromise. This is something that this service provider understands quite clearly and has communicated it to the writers on its panels as well. The output that is generated is of premium quality and this is why both internal and external reviews are of such high rating. In this case, the company plays a role of an intermediary between you and a writer. When you cooperate with freelance writers directly, there are no guarantees of getting the result you need. Your writer can disappear, deliver your paper after the deadline, or give you a plagiarised content. You can never be sure of the final outcome. On the contrary, when using, you get a handful of guarantees. You will not spend the money in vain.

Customer Service

As mentioned in the earlier section as well, from the easy to use interface and the instant online connection to the customer service section, this service provider is quite serious about the quality of the content that is being generated and the relationship that is developed with the customer. The customer service is so on the dot that you would want to return to this very service for your future needs as well and won’t be disappointed. You can communicate with the support team via live chat and get instant answers to your questions. There is no need in waiting for someone to pick up a phone or answer your email.

Additional Features

The highlight in this section is that while many of the other services say that they ensure that they deliver on deadlines, as the name suggests this service provider has this specific feature as the core of its business model and this core also makes it an exceptional and additional feature. Another special feature is that you can directly hire the writers that are on the panel by directly clicking on their profiles that have given the outline of their work so far and what is the overall ranking that other customers have given a specific writer. Match the reviews with your needs and you are set to getting your essays done without having to worry about doing all that legwork.