Detailed Review review that you will come across online vary. The reviews are not just following the same outline or even the same tone. Some a positive and some are on the opposite scale. Given this mixed feedback, it is a bit confusing as to what the overall rating of this service provider is. Still, here we have summed up some key features of this service provider that will help you make a decision if you want to use them for your assignment essay services. At times given the bulk of your work and the limitation of essays that you can order from a specific website, there might be a time when you might have to opt for this website and if that happens you should know what to expect.


The reputation of this service provider is quite average. When you search for review, the majority reviews will be saying that it is an average service provider. This service provider’s website does not help change or improve this reputation in any manner either. What they have missed is that the students who are looking to outsource their essay assignments are basically doing so because they don’t have the time to research and then write the essay. However, this service provider’s website in itself is a research platform in itself. The customer is expected to read detailed text on the website to understand the sort of services that are available and how to go about using these services.

Services and Guarantees

Embedded in the text-heavy website you are informed that the website is providing a large assortment of academic essays that one can be possibly looking for. They assure that the customers are going to be provided a customized essay. Another key service factor that they are ensuring that they committing to, is that the content they are providing is not going to be plagiarized. This is a huge claim that the website is making and if this is indeed something that they are delivering, then one can expect that in time their reviews are going to see a huge turn in reputation.

Prices and Discounts

The prices and discounts that are provided by this service provider are the same norms that are generally followed by the industry. There are no exceptional rates. While there are no exceptional low rates or special discounts, the prices are not too high as well. As mentioned at the start of this section, the rates are at par with the industry norm. Therefore, if you end up having to use this website, you will not be spending any high rates on this service provider. So this is something you can be comfortable with.

Quality of Services

On the whole, the quality of services as mentioned earlier is only average. This is combined for the content that they are providing and the overall services that come with the procedure. Some of the people have shared a dissatisfaction with the follow up of the service provider. The general complaint has been that they are a bit with the follow-up. Therefore, it is suggested that if you do opt for them, make sure that the deadline you give them is not the one on which you have to submit it. Keep some buffer room for the submission deadline so that you are not stuck with some last minute surprises. Also, discuss all the additional requirements you might have with a writer in advance. If you feel that the writer will not be able to meet your expectations, you can ask another one to help you. The company is ready to make sure every client is satisfied with the final result.

Customer Service

Like on all other fronts as well, the customer service has been rated as average as well. They have provided a couple of options for customers to stay in touch from the online live chat box to email and phone contact lines. Despite these multiple options the follow up from the service provider’s end is quite slow and there are lag times in-between that are quite irritating.
As a rule, students turn to the custom writing companies when they have no time to cope with an assignment on their own They often order papers to be delivered overnight or even within 3 hours. In this case, the deadline issues are a crucial point of an order. However, if you plan ahead and order your paper in advance, you will not find any difficulties with

Additional Features

This service provider is not giving any additional features for its customers compared to the other service providers in the industry. They are keeping their services to the basics and as the reviews suggest maintaining their quality seems to be a task for them. On the whole, it is suggested that you opt for this option as a last resort and don’t keep it as one of your top choices.