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Professional writers are in demand for a variety of essay writing jobs. As a result, many have jumped into this business. However, not many have been able to provide the quality content that is expected of such services. This is why it is important that a person does some research before opting for any specific service provider. The research mainly needs to focus on what others are saying about the same service provider. You can be sure of one thing that if there is even a single dissatisfied customer you will be able to hear his or her voice online. All you need is to spend a little time in research to ensure that you are able to find the right and reliable fit for your needs. review is somewhat mixed. There are no outlier negative reviews but at the same time, there is nothing too exceptional as well.


From the search to look for review that is available online, it seems that this is one of the new websites that has entered the field of content service providers. The reason that the reviews, in general, are mixed can also be attributed to the fact that the business is somewhat compared to others that have been here for a very long time.

Services and Guarantees

The key service of how the whole process goes from the point of submitting a request for a said essay to the payment to how the final output is shared with the client is highlighted in a basic arrow diagram form. So there is no rocket science behind understanding that portion of the website. However, the guarantees with regards to the quality of the work and that the value that is worth the money that you will be giving is available is again on the mixed lines. One of the key grey lines is that the full payment is being taken from you at the start without giving you any concrete insurance that the essay is underway. Therefore, these features to add on to the overall mixed reviews that this service provider is getting.
As to the services that provides, they are numerous. You can get help with writing an essay, research paper, thesis, dissertation, etc. In a word, you can get a flawless paper sample no matter the topic and the type. Additionally, you can order a professionally written resume here. It is the first thing an HR manager is going to see, so you should try to make it look good. You can find multiple tips on the web describing what a great resume should look like. However, they are general recommendations that might not sit your profile. It is better to get a word of advice from the real experts.

Prices and Discounts

There are no exceptional claims of providing the lowest price tag in your essay. However, it is for sure mentioned that the costs are quite competitive in the market and the client will be at least nudged to consider this option for their essay writing. The discount system follows the market pattern as is kept to the number of pages that are being ordered. The more pages the more discount you qualify for.

Quality of Services

This service provider gives a couple of options to get support directly from the team and to clarify any questions that anyone might have. However, one doesn’t see any eagerness in encouraging or resolving the issue of the customers as there is no customer service chat box that opens us when you get to the website. You are left to navigate the place on your own without any help on the go that would otherwise have helped in confirming a decision.

Customer Service

On the front of customer service, this specific service provider doesn’t come in on top. The facilities are very basic and don’t show that the business is out there to get people’s attention or highlight itself or differentiate itself from the rest of the clutter. Again these missing points can be attributed to the fact that the setup is quite new compared to the rest of the competition. However, at this point, all of this does not compile towards an exceptional overall review.

Additional Features

With the overall structure that has not been too impressive, the feature that can be considered as an additional one or the one that stands apart from the crowd is the declaration of the main page that the service provider is willing to give the money back guarantee. Given everything else, this one feature can help build a positive review because if a business is willing to put out that sort of a guarantee in such a competitive market they are serious about building their reputation in the market and hopefully with that they are also strengthening their content quality as well.